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Living with Alzheimer’s Disease: Daughter Caregivers and Their Contemporary Families

A research study designed to understand the impact on the contemporary family relationships of the daughter caregiver as she takes on responsibility of caring for a parent with moderate Alzheimer’s Disease or higher.

Contact Rebecca Montano for more info on the study or to participate at (858) 695-2369 or montano255@aol.com.

All inquiries and participation are COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.

This study is being conducted under the supervision of Amy Donovan, Ph.D. (Doctoral Mentor) for doctoral student, Rebecca Montano.  All research procedures have been approved by the University’s Institutional Review Board.

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  1. Gwen Moye says:

    Educating people on Alzheimer’s is a smart way to care for a love one with the disease. As well as lots of love and understanding.

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