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USA Today reports the findings of a recent study about the negative cognitive affects of hospitalization on the elderly. The study showed that people 65 and older who were admitted to the hospital showed a rate of cognitive decline equivalent to aging 10 years or more.

The National Institute of Aging also suggests that hospitals for seniors should be avoided as much as possible. One way is to locate an appropriate environment for seniors, especially with early stages of memory loss, that provides a safe and secure setting along with specially trained caregivers who can assist residents and a licensed nurse on staff 24/7.

Hospitalization Can Speed Cognitive Decline in Elderly

One Response to “Cognitive Decline Advanced by Hospitalization”

  1. This is so true – being in an unfamiliar environment can be horrible for dementia patients’ brains, and I have personally seen people decline far more rapidly in a hospital bed than in their own homes. This page explains a lot of proper dementia care – http://www.squidoo.com/in-home-care-for-dementia-patients
    In short, at-home care is best, and assisted living is a somewhat-distant second. The focus should be on giving patients comfortable and familiar environments – their day-to-day conditions are what really affect their longevity.

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