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The recent Town Hall Forum entitled, “After the Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: Practical Advice for Family Caregivers”  provided some useful information and resources.
To follow up on some of the points made by our speakers and to share their presentations, we wanted to provide a few helpful links.

Dr. Tehrani provided an insightful review of the various common forms of dementia, including their causes and symptoms. He urged caregivers to work with a geriatric specialist and to focus on the care of your loved one; not just the treatment of their symptoms.
Below are links to his presentation as well as a resource to find out more:

Dementia from a practical standpoint – Michael Tehrani, MD

Understanding the causes and symptoms of the various forms of dementia will help determine the best course of care for your loved one. The Alzheimer’s Association has provided a great resource to help you understand What is Dementia?

Patty Mouton from Alzheimer’s Orange County stated that, as a caregiver, you are not alone and advised of the many resources available to families. It’s important to practice self-care and learn how to ask for and accept help during your caregiving journey.
Patty provided many great tips on how to care for the caregiver in her presentation and urged our attendees to find the support group right for them.

At the end of the seminar, Todd Shetter suggested a homework assignment for family caregivers. To be better prepared, he recommended touring 3 skilled nursing and 3 memory care communities near you. Be an informed consumer. Do not wait until your loved one needs the care immediately and you’re forced to settle with an uninformed choice. 
To help out, you may want to review this checklist for evaluating Skilled Nursing Homes
When considering a Memory Care Community, you want to review the following:

  • Community Appearance
  • Activity Schedule/Involvement
  • Medical Team Availability (Is a nurse on-site 24/7?)
  • Staff Friendliness
  • Family Support Programs

Here is a comparison guide to help with your search.

Other Resources

You can access previous Town Hall Forum presentations here: Previous Town Hall Forum Presentations

You can access other helpful resources here: Tips & Resources Should you have questions or need additional information, please contact an ActivCare community near you or call 888-636-5677 for a directory. 

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